A FAVORITE TRAIN - Locomotive # 5039 powered this last passenger train on
the ICRR Durant to Aberdeen run in November, 1939.  Allen Jenkins and Carl
Crider were in the cab, and my father was on the train crew.
DURANT CENTENNIAL 1958 - Railroad veterans attend "Railroad Pioneer Day"
GWIN DEPOT  and  MOTEL -  On the Yazoo & Miss. Valley Route between Memphis and Jackson,
crews were changed at Gwin Junction just south of Tchula, where the Durant Y&MV branch line came in
from the east.  Managers wrote, "This motel was built for employees of the ICG and their exclusive use."
CLINTON STATION -  Built in what is now called Old Town Clinton, this frame depot saw many arrivals
and departures of students enrolled at Mississippi College.  Clinton citizens were pioneers in higher
education and in rail transportation when wagons and rail cars were pulled by horses and mules.
1900 DURANT TRAIN CREW - In center engineer William "Uncle Billy" McIntye applies oil can while
other crew members look at the camera, Conductor John Lee, Fireman Jim Hunter in cab window,
Trainman Ike Wrigley, and Baggageman Jim Allen, son of Durant engineer George Allen.  Uncle Billy
retired in 1928 after 45 years of service on the Y&MV.  
                             The photo was furnished to the IC Magazine by Conductor A. L. Stevens of Durant.
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